About Me

  • Versatile upstream technical professional with a broad technical background
  • Geoscientist by training, with multi-discipline knowledge ranging from geology to petrophysics, to geophysics, to petroleum engineering, to civil engineering and GIS
  • Experience across entire upstream spectrum, from new ventures and regional exploration, to field appraisal and full field development, including work on reservoir scale
  • Highly skilled 2D/3D seismic interpreter, including qualitative and qantitative interpretation
  • Proven oil finder with a solid track record in exploration, appraisal and development
  • Strong team player with consistent interactivity with other subsurface disciplines
  • Investigative, enthusiastic, collaborative and business-minded approach to problem solving
  • Business-minded approach translating advanced G&G to bottom-line results
  • 30 years of technical, team-leading and project management experience
  • Available either on a direct-hire basis or through Kolarsky Development Consulting LLC

Technical Skills


  • Extensive 2D & 3D seismic interpretation skills using a wide variety of software
  • Gravity and magnetics interpretation
  • Well log interpretation and correlation
  • Sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Basin tectonics
  • Structural seismic interpretation
  • Quantitative reservoir and fluid prediction based on QI work (seismic forward modeling, seismic attribute extraction and calibration)
  • Regional petroleum systems and play analysis
  • Prospect generation, prospect development from lead stage to drillable status
  • External prospect screening, due-dilligence evaluation of farm-in opportunities, licensing round work
  • Volumetrics, risking, economics
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Exploitation and Field Development

  • Extensive 2D & 3D seismic interpretation skills using a wide variety of software
  • 4D experience from mature field re-development in the Gulf Of Mexico
  • Well log interpretation and correlation
  • Structural seismic interpretation
  • Sensible integration of geologic, geophysical and petrophysical interpretations into robust subsurface models
  • Inputs into reservoir modeling (structural surfaces, 3D porosity grids)
  • Quantitative reservoir and fluid prediction based on QI work (seismic forward modeling, seismic attribute extraction and calibration)
  • Integrated field studies, field development planning
  • Conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Due-dilligence asset evaluations for acquisitions
  • Economics
  • Presentations to management and investors
  • Expert testimony in court and arbitration


Petroleum Engineering

  • Petrophysics: qantitative well-log interpretation and gathering information about subsurface reservoir and non-reservoir rocks, to be fed into geophysic and geologic interpretations, and wellbore stability models.
  • Reservoir engineering: static and dynamic reservoir modeling, and production optimization through proper well placement (including horizontal wells).
  • Drilling: well design, wellsite geology, integration of daily drilling data with the geologic model, prediction formation and major pressure boundaries.
  • Mud design: interfacing with drilling fluid engineers on mud design based on pore-pressure prediction and formations to be encountered (i.e. swelling clays, salt etc.).
  • Completion design: interfacing with completion engineers on the optimum design and implementation of individual completions (i.e. locating optimum perforations, managing sand control, etc.), enduring the maximum formation-safe oil and gas production.
  • Production: interfacing with production engineers, managing the interface between the reservoir and the wellbore, downhole flow control, and downhole monitoring equipment; and actively participating in the design of surface production equipment that separates treats the produced formation fluids (oil, gas, and water).
  • Facilities design: experienced in the design of offshore production facilities i.e. selection and conversion of tankers into FSO/FPSO, MOPU selection and design, manned and unmanned production platforms, coductor-supported WHPs, etc.



  • Building regional and field-wide GIS databases.(ArcGIS and QGIS). Design, development, and implementation of systems and databases to manage geospatial data.
  • Geographic datum transformations converting between different geographic coordinate systems to ensure that data is properly aligned.
  • Application of GIS technonology in exploration and field development work.



  • Project costing: appraisal and near-field exploration drilling onshore and offshore, field-development and production projects onshore and offshore.
  • Building cash flow models, and deriving project metrics i.e. NPV, NPV/I and ROI.

"So often, over the history of the oil industry, it has been said that technology has gone about as far as it can and that the “end of the road” for the oil industry is in sight. And then, new innovations dramatically expand capabilities. This pattern would be repeated again and again."

- Daniel Yergin

My Work History

Kolarsky Development Consulting LLC
Exploration and Field Development Consultant

My consulting work under Kolarsky Development Consulting has often run concurrently with staff jobs I held at Devon Energy, Petrokazakhstan (Hurricane Hydrocarbons), MND, Berlanga, Tate Petroleum and others.

Kolarsky Development Consulting (KDC) is a multi-faceted consulting business that has been in existence since 1998. Its main business streams include:

  • corporate consulting (strategy, management systems, risk, technology)
  • energy (mainly oil and gas)
  • Real estate
  • IT
Its oil and gas projects are carried out by me with associates brought in on as-needed basis.

KDC has carried out oil and gas projects in the Gulf Of Mexico, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Australian NW Shelf, Central Asia, Southeast Asia. These included new ventures, basin-wide exploration, apprailal work on local scale, field development and re-development (including detailed work on reservoir scale).

Here are some of the projects I executed under KDC:

  • Pelican Oil and Gas, IT Specialist 1998-1999
  • Watson Energy, IT Specialist and Geophysicist 1998-2000
  • NWT Canada, Geophysicist 2002-2004
  • Izara Capital Management, Field Development Consultant 2006
  • Rialto Energy, Geoscientist 2012
  • Berlanga Ltd., Iranian sset evaluation for M&A 2015
  • Nabirm Namibia, Exploration Geoscientist 2015
  • Gab & Nuella Ltd., Asset evaluation and bidding 2000-2002
  • Se.ven Investments, Asset evaluation for M&A 2022
  • Cogent Petroleum, Asset evaluation for acquisition 2018-2022
  • Angus Petroleum, Asset evaluation 2022
  • MND a.s., Geoscience, Drilling, CBM project evaluation 2022

Phoenix RDS Ltd.
Technical Director

Handling subsurface aspects of asset evaluation & acquisition deals in Nigeria and UK.

Awarded the first prize for technical excellence in preparing an asset evaluation and work program bid in the 2020 Nigerian licensing round.

Cogent Petroleum Ltd.

Handling subsurface aspects of asset evaluation & acquisition deals onshore Central and Eastern Europe.

March, 2015
Tate Petroleum Ltd.
Technical Director, Chief Technology Officer

Handled technical due diligence work on asset acquisition deals in Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo.

Mapped appraisal prospects and producing fields, prepared FDPs, economic models, dealt with investors.

March, 2015
Tate Petroleum Ltd.
Non-executive Director

Corporate strategy and planning.

Corporate governance and compliance.

Corporate structure and management systems design.

Oilfield International
Business Development Manager Africa & FSU

Developing new business opportunities throughout the FSU republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and West Africa.

Bidding on and preparing Competent Person's Reports (CPRs), asset evaluation and valuation for acquisition deals.

January, 2012
September 2015
Berlanga Ltd.
Sr. New Ventures Geoscientist

Handled technical due diligence work on asset acquisition deals in in Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand and Myanmar.

Successful acquisition of 2 exploration licenses in Myanmar.

December 2007
Jan 2012
Murphy Oil Inc.
Sr. New Ventures Geoscientist

Executed and led exploration projects on licenses ion the Australian NW Shelf. Single-handedly captured block WA-423.

March, 2007
December, 2007
MND a.s.
Exploration and Reservoir Manager

Managed exploration projects on licenses in Romania and Germany. Handled technical due diligence work on the acquisition of Regal Petroleum Ukraine.

March 2006
March 2007
Devon Energy (Ocean Energy Nigeria)
Geology and Geophysics Manager

Steering an ultra-deepwater exploration project, leading to an oil discovery in block OPL-242 ("Ofuruma"). At the time, deepest deepwater spud in Nigerian history (2600 m)

Leading and developing a large technical team consisting of local and western expatriate staff, liaising with Nigerian government, hands-on 3D seismic interpretation, mapping and prospect generation.

Devon's exit from West Africa stopped further appraisal drilling.

March 2004
March 2006
Petrokazakhstan (Hurricane Hydrocarbons)
Chief Geophysicist, Exploitation Manager

Field appraisal and development work in Kazakhstan. Blend of leadership and technical work, consisting of project management, team leading, training as well has hands-on 3D seismic interpretation work, mapping and prospect generation.

May 1997
March 2004
Senior Geophysicist

Exploration and new ventures work in ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico. (Generated Shell's first ultra-deepwater prospect "Excalibur" in abyssal GOM).

Field development work in the Niger Delta. (LNG Trains 4 & 5, ~17 TCF recoverable gas).

Field re-development work in deepwater Gulf Of Mexico. (4D applications in re-developing older deepwater fields).

March 1992
May 1997
Texaco USA

Field appraisal and development work in the Gulf of Mexico.

Very successful redevelopment of Cote Blanche Island Field through the utilization of 3D subsalt seismic imaging, and wellbore seismic.

May 1991
October 1991
Exxon Company International Inc.
Summer Intern

Mapped new ventures exploration acreage for a licensing round in the Czech Republic and Poland.

June 1989
February 1992
The University Of Texas Institute For Geophysics
Research Assistant

Regional sequence stratigraphic and plate tectonic studies of the forearc basins in Costa Rica and Panama.

Field work, seismic data reprocessing, integration of onshore field mapping and offshore seismic interpretation.

Work was integrated into the larger plate-tectonics reconstruction project being carried out by UTIG (POMP, later PLATES).

Experience by Regions


1. - 1989-1992: Tectonics, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of the Central American forearc basin in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (regional integrated basin study); University of Texas dissertation project Click here for further details.


2. - 1991: New ventures acreage screening for a licensing round in the Vienna Basin and Carpathian Fold and Thrust Belt; internship project at Exxon Company International, Houston Click here for further details.


3. - 1992-1997: Field-development work at Texaco USA in Louisiana, U.S.A.: Côte Blanche Island, West Côte Blanche Bay, Vermillion Bay, Lake Pelto field, New Orleans Highly successful re-development program at Côte Blanche Island field increased production from 300 bopd to 7000+ bopd Click here for further details.


4. - 1997-1999: New ventures exploration in ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico at Shell Deepwater Development Generated Shell's first abyssal plain prospect in the GOM (Excalibur). Drilled Cayenne deepwater discovery in JV with Vastar. Click here for further details.


5. - 1998-2002: Exploitation/appraisal/exploration/new ventures projects on numerous assets in the Gulf of Mexico for a number of independent oil companies and Wall Street investment firms. Pecan Island, Paradis, Bay Marchand, East Cameron 9, Matagorda Island, West Côte Blanche Bay fields, Successful development drilling campaign at Paradis Field. Drilled a gas discovery in East Cameron block 9 in 2002 in a JV with Nexen and Pelican Oil and gas Click here for further details.


6. - 1999-2004: 17 TCF LNG project with Shell (re-development of Utapate, Kolo Creek and Gbaran fields). Leading integrated field studies, writing FDPs, hands-on QI and reservoir modeling work, teaching courses, developing staff


7. - 2004: Consulting work for Petrokazakhstan on appraisal and exploitation of Akshabulak, Nuraly, Aksai fields. Later joined the company as Exploitation Manager. Leading a number of large integrated field development projects, continuing hands-on technical work. Highly successful and profitable drilling campaign at Akshabulak field.


8. - 2006-2007: Geology & Geophysics Manager and project leader for Devon Energy (Ocean Energy Nigeria) steering an ultra-deepwater exploration project. Oil discovery in block OPL-242 ("Ofuruma"). Leading and developing a large technical team consisting of local and western expatriate staff, liaising with Nigerian government, continuing hands-on technical work. Devon's exit from West Africa ended appraisal drilling in OPL-242


9.-10. - 2007: Exploration Manager for MND E&P Ltd. on Brates and Südbayern licenses in Romania and Bavaria, hands-on geophysics work, planning and bidding of seismic acquisition and processing, Barchiz-1 drilled in 2010 was an oil discovery (extension of the Geamana Field trend into the Brates Block)


11. - 2007: Evaluation of offshore acreage in Tunisia for MND E&P Ltd


12. - 2007: Evaluation of offshore acreage in the Black Sea for MND E&P Ltd


13. - 2007: Leading due dilligence work on the acquisition of Regal Petroleum Ukraine for MND E&P Ltd


14. - 2007-2010: Evaluating new ventures opportunities in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand for a Murphy/Mitsubishi/PTTEP consortium. Identified a new play in the Browse Basin and single-handedly captured block WA423 on the Australian NW Shelf.


15. - 2008: New ventures acreage screening in northern Sumatra for Murphy Oil.


16. - 2008: New ventures acreage screening in the Andaman Sea for Murphy Oil.


17. - 2009: New ventures acreage screening onshore and offshore Papua New Guinea.


18. - 2009-2010: New ventures acreage screening in Makassar Strait. Successfully captured several blocks. Prospect development in a held block onshore Borneo.


19. - Remapping, FDP and development-well design of the Bomono gas-condensate Field, onshore Douala Basin, first production 2015.


20. - 2011-2012: Expanding the highly attractive and successful Upper Cretaceous play (cf. Jubilee discovery) from Liberia through Ivory Coast and Ghana to Cameroon (EuroOil and Rialto Energy).


21-24. - 2013: Screening of new ventures investment opportunities in East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar) for Berlanga Holding BV. Acquitiion of 2 exploration licenses in Myanmar (2015)


26. - 2013: New ventures acreage screening onshore and offshore Myanmar for Berlanga Holding BV.


27. - 2013: Appraisal prospect generation on several assets in the Zaisansky region of eastern Kazakhstan, operated by Tarbagatay Munay LLP (a Kazakh-Chinese joint venture).


28. - 2013: Assessing field re-development potential in Vietnam for a consortium of wealthy private and institutional investors.


29. - 2013-Present: Investigating unconventional gas resource play in the Silesian Basin.


30. - 2015-Present: Screening producing and development assets onshore/offshore Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo for Tate Petroleum Ltd.


31. - 2018-Present: Evaluation of producing and appraisal assets in Nigeria for Phoenix RDS Ltd. Working with client and acchieving several successful license acquisitions in the 2020 licensing round.


32. - 2020-Present: Asset evaluations for potential acquisitions by Cogent Petroleum Ltd. onshore Central Europe.

Experience by Play Type

  • Passive margins (Gulf of Mexico, Tertiary margin of West Africa, Australian NW Shelf)
  • Strike-slip basins (Turgay Basin of Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Andaman Sea, Vienna Basin)
  • Rift basins (East Africa, Cretaceous rift basins of West Africa, conjugate basins of northern Brazil, Rhein Graben, Eger Graben)
  • Fold and thrust belts (deepwater Nigeria, South Barito basin in Borneo, Straits of Makassar, Alpine and Carpathian foreland basins and fold-and-thrust-belts in Bavaria, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania)

Examples of My Work

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Software I Use (or Used)

  • Seismic interpretation: Kingdom, Geographix, Petrel, Seisworks, Geoprobe, Voxel-Geo, Stratimagic, Geoquest, Charisma, Tigress
  • Geologic interpretation: Geolog, Petrosys, StratWorks, Earthvision
  • Quantitative interpretation: GMAplus, Rokdok, Syntool, SynPak, Jason, Hampson-Russell
  • Subsurface mapping: Petrosys, CPS3, Z-Map
  • Software specific to Shell: 123DI, Savior, Depsim, Logic, Sipmap, Geocap
  • Volumetrics and risking: @Risk, Geo-X, Crystal Ball
  • GIS: ArcGIS, QGIS, Franson, Blue Marble
  • Other: Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux, misc. graphics and business software, 25 years of HTML programming and website development
  • Geophysical software beta-testing and inputs into design (Kingdom, Landmark, Petrosys, Rokdok, GMAplus)

"My formula for success?
Rise early, work late, strike oil."

- Jean Paul Getty


The University of Texas at Austin
Masters Degree, Geology/Geophysics

GPA: 3.6

Thesis: "Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic tectonics and sedimentation in southern Central America : Costa Rica and Panama", available online in the UT Electronic Theses Repository.

Drs. Paul Mann, Richard T. Buffler, and William (Bill) R. Muehlberger supervisors

Subsequently published as 4 papers in GSA Special Paper 295.

January 1988
May, 1989
George Washington University
Bachelor's Degree, Geology

GPA: 3.8

Charles University (Prague), Geology

"Where oil is first found, in the final analysis, is in the mind ..."

- Wallace Pratt

Industry Courses I Teach

  • Integrated subsurface mapping with seismic and well data (essentials of structural seismic interpretation, well log correlations, fault picking, integration of seismic and log interpretations, structural mapping, cross sections - 5 days)
  • Essentials of depth conversion (1-day)
  • Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (well-to-seismic tie, forward seismic modeling, quantitative seismic attribute analysis, inversion, AVO, stochastic inversion, 3D reservoir modeling - 5 days)
  • Compressional Systems (essentials of stress and strain, compressional and transpressional tectonics, fold and thrust belts, applications in oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Extensional Systems (extensional and transtensional tectonics, rift basins, applications in oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Deepwater depositional systems (principles of gravity-driven depositional processes, turbidites vs. debrites, submarine fan depositional systems, fan facies and their implications for oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Deltaic and continental depositional systems (3 days)
  • Essentials of GIS for geoscientists (1 day)
  • Presentation skills (1 day)